Customer Example

Here is an interesting example from Danny, one of our customers. Danny has not only equipped his Avionics Panel with dual iPads but also he has added 4th display attached to separate computer that is “talking” over the local network with the computer running the triple displays.


Danny writes, “Here is the picture of my sim set up!! The wall mounted  Samsung TV is driven by my iMac running xplane 11 and is scenery only locked to my windows flight computer. I am at the gate a Indianapolis international.

Hope you enjoy my VolAir sim I know I certainly do!!!”


Customer Example

Here are couple of photos from one of our customers. Brad is an aspiring pilot and plans to use the Volair Sim to complement his training as he progresses towards his Private Pilot certificate. Brad writes, “Thanks again. I just wanted to send one last pic of my Volair sim build; complete with every panel hole filled and in all its glory. I’m just as excited to fly my sim as I am to fly in real life! FYI: I added a dimmable RGB LED Tape Light to the underside of the top of the panel for the ability to see the switches and knobs more easily. For, $8.00 it really serves its purpose as well as making it look even better in the darker room. Take Care! ”

I think you will agree that the set-up looks really nice and we wish Brad many hours of fun flight simming and best of luck as he embarks on this aviation journey!



Yoko Yoke Compatibility

Some of you may be interested in the Yoko Yoke compatibility. Courtesy of Yoko and Michael from XForcePC, here is the quick and dirty on the Yoko Yoke compatibility with our cockpit and the Volair Sim avionics panel. The good news is that it fits with the following caveats:

  • You will have to drill new holes into our avionics table as the bolt pattern on the Yoko is not matching up with anything we have pre-drilled.
  • The dimensions are almost exactly like Saitek so the panel cut-out will fit but the face of the yoke will have to be placed immediately behind the panel surface given that our panel has couple of corners for the Saitek yoke (see below).

The yoke is pretty nice so for those that want to upgrade from Saitek it is a good alternative. It offers longer throw and is all-metal so it has a very substantial feel to it.

Yoko Yoke 2

Yoko Yoke Fitment Close-Up

IMG_8242 2

Yoko Yoke Fitment with Volair Sim Avionics Panel

Back from FlightSimCon 2017

Back from the #FlightSimCon. What a great show. Every year it just keeps getting bigger, and better. It is VERY CLEAR that flight simulation is alive and well. Many of you will probably agree that if you made an assessment about five years ago, you would not reach the same conclusion (at least in the US). Today, we have many hardware and software developers enter the scene with new products, we have renewed interest from the younger generation. To sum up, it is good to be in the flight simulation industry!!! Most importantly, what I am most impressed with is the quality of people that we interact with. Over the years, I worked in many industries including automotive and medical and I must say the quality of people in aviation and flight simulation is simply the best. It is such a pleasure to go to a tradeshow and interact one minute with a 777 Capitan, next with a retired corporate pilot who is looking into flight sim to keep the dream alive, and then a father and son team who are both immersed in flight simulation as a gateway to a career in aviation. Great quality of people! Cannot wait for next year!