FS2020 and Shipping Update

Today (August 18, 2020) marks a historic moment for the flight simulation community. After 14(!) years, Microsoft finally releases a worthy successor to FSX, which originally released on October 13, 2006. Yes, dear readers, it has been that long. Since then, we have seen more and less significant updates to FSX, rather significant XPlane 11 release, and the rise of Prepar3D as the “stop-gap” measure to FSX. Nothing, however, has elevated the bar as much as FS 2020. Truly exiting times for flight simulator enthusiasts await.

We, at Volair Sim, have been fortunate to be able to use the Beta version of the sim for a while and we must say that the visuals, immersion, and overall fun factor is unparalleled. As of this writing, we are in process of downloading the nearly 100GB (yes Gigabytes) of installation files on our R&D sim and many sleepless nights are ahead.

Many of you are also eager to hear about the backorder situation for the sim chassis and arm rests. We have, finally, good news to report. After delay, caused by a tragic accident at one of our supplier’s seat production facilities, we are completed with the seat production and just awaiting of shipment of the finished seats. Barring any wether-delays which could impact shipping, we are still estimating to have the back-order caught up around the end of September or first week of October.

Until then, get your sim gear in order and get your FS2020 configured so you are ready to go when your Volair Sim arrives.

Quick update about the triple monitor stands. We have decided to make a small design improvement to the stand so that we currently do not have the ETA on when it will ship. Please watch the BUY page for updates.

Happy Simming!

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