Product Updates

We hope everyone had a relaxing Thanksgiving. The Volair Sim staff is back in the office working hard. We wanted to give you an update on few things, most importantly on the Triple Display Stand. The good news is that it is done and we are kitting the first batches with scheduled shipments hopefully still before Christmas. For those who have not yet ordered, there is still time but act now as these are going quick!

Note: As we clearly specify in all of the product information materials, the stand accommodates three displays up-to 46″ in diagonal. So please do not ask us whether 3 x 55″ TVs would fit 😉

I hope you will appreciate the extra features we incorporated into the final product. For instance, the stand feet are now extendable for extra stability. You can get an early start on understanding the assembly process (which is honestly pretty minimal) by downloading the Volair Sim Triple Display Stand Assembly Instructions Rev1.1.

Triple Display Stands


With the popularity of the Avionics Panels, it has been a bit of a challenge keeping the product in-stock. We hope to resume shipments on these around Christmas so place your order now for priority shipment.

The Volair Sim cockpit chassis are in-stock but the inventory is getting low, so if you are wanting these for Christmas you must act now. Just like the Avionics Panels we will have more around Christmas but depending on your location, we may not be able to get these dispatched in-time for Christmas delivery.

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