MFG Crosswind Compatibility

Several of you asked us about compatibility of the MFG Crosswind rudder pedals with our cockpit. One of our customers, Steve was kind enough to share his observations of the installation. I think you will agree that the final result is remarkable.

Steve writes, “I would like to share some photos that may be of interest. They show my MFG Crosswind rudder pedals mounted in my Volair Sim cockpit. By using width adjustment blocks (available from MFG) and angling the rudder mounting platform all the way up, the pedals have ample clearance in all positions.I secured the pedals using four bolts. This necessitated the drilling of holes in the mounting platform (not easy to do with a hand drill!).

Thank you and congratulations on a great product!

I fly Caravans and light twins for a geophysical survey company and regularly use the Volair Sim for IFR practice between work assignments.”

1 thought on “MFG Crosswind Compatibility

  1. thanks for this posting, I was wondering if cockpit was compatible with the Crosswinds without having to do any extra modifications.

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