Movable Volair Sim Implementation

Jack and Ted are residents at the SunCityGrand in the sunny Phoenix, AZ area. They belong to a Special Interest Group (SIG) that focuses on aviation that was formed in 2012 and have since grown to over 100 members. The Aviation SIG has recently embarked on a project to develop a flight simulator cockpit for their group members to share and enjoy. Ted was the technical guru and you must admit the implementation of the platform and the 4th monitor (20″ Acer Model #S200HQL) is pretty ingenious.

I hope that this gives everyone looking for a mobile implementation a good idea on how to mount the Volair Sim on a platform that can be easily maneuvered to places and also show some 4th monitor options. Ted told me that he raised the seat a bit (using a spacer) and moved the monitors to the max height to minimize the overlap between the triple set and the 4th monitor.

Ted writes, “Myself and everyone else that has seen the Volair is extremely impressed with the construction and look of it” and Jack commented that  “IT WORKS AND WE LOVE IT.  REALLY SMOOTH.  USING XPLANE 10.  STARTED WITH 4 ROLLERS , NOW HAVE 6.”

IMG_8799 (1)

Finished Cockpit


4th monitor implementation (20″)





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