Cockpit back-order and changes


We hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving Holiday. We wanted to update you on the status of the inventory and let you in on the future cockpit design changes.

We’ve been doing pretty well keeping up with the demand for our cockpits during 2015 but unfortunately it looks like we are looking at a month back-order due to delays from one of our vendors on the powder-coated components. Fear not, parts are already in-route and we hope to start shipping in early January. Customers who place orders during December and pre-pay (PayPal only) will receive $50 OFF the order via coupon BR2015 (apply at check-out).

On a brighter note, we want you to know that we have made some small although not insignificant improvements to this production run that will make the wait worthwhile:

  1. We changed the design of the left and right monitor bracket that will make monitor alignment easier.
  2. We have pre-drilled the right-hand shifter mounting plate to accept the Fanatec ClubSport Shifter SQ.
  3. We changed the design to raise the seat height approximately 3″ to improve entry/exit from the cockpit and view over the avionics panel or anything you may have mounted on the avionics table.

Also, we have been busy working on some major new component for your Volair Sim cockpit so check back with us for an announcement and photos in January.

7 thoughts on “Cockpit back-order and changes

  1. I really want this cockpit, just the shipping price that makes me hesitate 😉 to France, the price of the cockpit is nearly doubled just because of shipping cost 😉
    Though I guess this is a one time thing, and that if I need new parts for my cockpit, the shipping cost will be lower 🙂
    Can’t we have more infos about what those improvements will be? Before end of december? I’m not talking about the three points already mentioned ^^

    • We have an update. We are still tracking to start shipping next week. Our parts arrived in Chicago so hopefully couple of days and we will get them into Indianapolis. Then, finish kitting and we will resume shipping. So, we are really close and understand that everyone is very anxious to get it but should not be much longer now!

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