Volair Sim with Heli Configuration

Check out a really clean and very universal implementation of the Volair Sim cockpit. Randy, one of our customers, built the cockpit with three (3) separate control systems: yoke, HOTAS, and helicopter controls (collective shown on the left). Very nice rig and according to Randy, “The wife is very happy that wires are not hanging all over the place.” LOL! Also, check out the neat platform that Randy added to raise the chassis from the ground and to provide space to mount the collective controls.



1 thought on “Volair Sim with Heli Configuration

  1. Looks nice. Though I noticed even if he uses a full size collective, he is using a standard stick for cyclic.
    Any way to put a full size cyclic in your cockpit? It should be floor mounted or about. I have a komodo EC135 full size cyclic.
    If this is not possible, I think this is something to consider making, to replace the center mount, by a center, floor mounted stand…

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