Stock Updates

UPDATE 4/13/2015. Good news and bad news. Our goods have finally unloaded from the Long Beach port. The bad news is that it took longer to unload than anticipated. Therefore, we have to add approximately 2 more weeks to the delay with us resuming shipments so we hope that by April 30th we will be fully caught up with all back-orders. Again, orders will be processed in order they were received so that customers who pre-ordered earliest will be rewarded getting their systems first. We are sorry for the inconvenience but appreciate your trust and patience. 

As many of your have heard, the West Coast shipping is being severely disrupted by the labor union negotiations at Long Beach. Given that we import components from overseas, we are unfortunately sad to report that the delay will put the cockpit availability into mid-April. Even though our parts arrived to the port, the processing delay is actually taking 2-4 weeks as the port is recovering form the labor disruption. We are really sorry about it, as we are sure you are. We will try to do our best to keep you updated but, unfortunately, the situation is outside of our control at this point. We are, as many small and large businesses dependent on efficient movement of trade and to hear stories about $100k+ salaries for dock workers while we cannot get our parts is really disconcerting. The photo below really illustrates the point – there are dozens of ships that have been in the bay for weeks unable to dock due to the labor disruptions.


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